Halloween Card: Promotional

for Simon & Schuster
Sadie the Hero Dog: for Simon & Schuster

for Simon & Schuster
Gabe the Hero Dog: for Simon & Schuster

The Year of the Dragon 


The Boy and the Knight 

When Mobile Ads Get Pushy: for ADWEEK

Illustration for ADWEEK
Plugging the Gaps With Pigskin: Illustration for ADWEEK

Illustration for Willamette Week
Snooperstyle: Illustration for Willamette Week

for Willamette Week
Beyoncé: for Willamette Week

Animated GIF, Personal Work
Billy and Professor Jetpack Puppy: Animated GIF, Personal Work

Breaking Bad Children's Book 

For ADWEEK Magazine
New Year Resolutions: For ADWEEK Magazine